A Critical Analysis of the Impact of the Medical Insurance System on the Relationship between Doctor and Patients- based on a comparative study of Canada and China


  • Ananya Parasor University of Calgary
  • Lan Wang University of Calgary
  • Linghan Shan Harbin Medical School
  • Ye Li Harbin Medical School
  • Zheng Kang Harbin Medical School
  • Jieliang Hao Harbin Medical School
  • Qingxia Pan Harbin Medical School
  • Qunhong Wu Harbin Medical School


Objective To explore the key dimensions of the impact of the medical insurance system on the relationship between doctors and patients in China. By comparing the design of different medical insurance systems and their influence on the relationship between doctors and patients in China and Canada, there are aims to improve doctor-patient relationships and to suggest policies. Methods A quantitative and qualitative analysis was conducted to compare the relevant medical insurance arrangements between China and Canada and to provide reasonable policy recommendations. Results The different institutional arrangements of financing mechanisms, payment mechanisms, reimbursement mechanisms, fund operation and management mechanisms, legislative supervision mechanisms and medical insurance elements in different places are the key system causes of the different results of the doctor-patient relationship in China and Canada. Conclusion The construction of a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients is not only the responsibility of doctors and patients, as the medical insurance system plays an important role in it. International experience shows that a reasonable institutional design and elements of the arrangements influences the doctor-patient relationship, to provide a good institutional environment.

* Indicates faculty mentor.





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