Electrochromic opal-structure polymer sysem tactile E-skin sensor


  • Weihao Lu MacEwan University (Under Dr. Sam Mugo)
  • Sam Mugo* MacEwan University (Under Dr. Sam Mugo)


We developed a versatile, highly sensitive and wearable skin-like sensor with electrochromic color-changing system to measure the human (or pets and livestock)’s heart and pulse as well as the fast response for clinic metabolites from sweat. The transduction system of the e-skin sensor will be based on color and capacitance changes of the tailor-made molecule receptor integrated in the sensor. These dual transduction mechanism of the sensing elements are based on integration of opal polymer nanostructures (hollow nanogels), which diffract different wavelength of light based on Braggs diffraction. The opal polymer structures will also be redox responsive and as such capacitance and impedance changes of the sensor will also be investigated using PalmSense 4 potentiostat. The range of characterization techniques such as SEM, TEM and Raman spectroscopy also applied to fabricate the surface morphology.

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