Instrumentation for Photoactivated Cellular Biology


  • Ryley Cej University of Lethbridge


Local ranchers observed livestock becoming ill after consuming the berries of local flora. The University Lethbridge was asked to investigate why or how the berries were causing the illness. Upon investigation the biology department determined a molecule in the berries which was photoactivated, demonstrated the potential for photodynamic therapy.

The precise calibration of a Photoactivation apparatus is an essential step towards successful utilization of photosensitizers. Using an integrating sphere and a spectroradiometer the spectral and radiometric properties of the LED can be determined. These properties of the LED coupled with a monochromator can be used to accurately calibrate a consumer grade DSLR camera. This DLSR camera can then be used to determine the spectral distribution of the LED when in the photoactivation apparatus. The calibration of the photoactivation apparatus allows for the various properties of the LED to be explored and thus accurate conclusions can be drawn about the photoactivation of the molecule.

The goal of this research is to better understand the exact conditions necessary for photoactivation of this molecule and others.





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