Synthesis of Sunscreen Dendrimer


  • Benny Rana Mount Royal University, Chemistry Department
  • Yelizabeta Dmitriev Mount Royal University, Chemistry Department
  • Ahsan Ayub Mount Royal University, Chemistry Department


Longevity and effectiveness of sunscreens and other UV-protectant lotions have been studied and researched for upwards of 90 years. Sunscreen lotions have been linked with prevention of a number of genetic mutations that may lead to skin cancers. The effectiveness of sunscreens is generally measured as Sun-protection Factor (SPF), which describes the minimal time that a sunscreen product can provide protection. Despite many advances in the field most sunscreens fail to deliver their claimed SPF protection. This is normally a result of human error; either in the amount applied, or the process of application. The focus of this research has been to investigate the use of second-generation dendrimers to increase the quantity of active sunscreen molecules present after application. Dendrimers, with their highly manipulatable physical and chemical properties, enable us to increase the “stickiness” of a sunscreen. This experiment focuses on finding optimal conditions to form a second-generation sunscreen dendrimer, and to test whether the sunscreen will retain its protective function in this context.

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