Light Pollution

An Aerial Perspective


  • Ryan Hofer* University of Calgary, Astrophysical Observatory
  • Phil Langill University of Calgary, Astrophysical Observatory


Artificial Sky glow is a growing obstacle for both the public to enjoy the night sky, and Astronomers to make accurate measurements of the universe around us. Given Calgary’s expanding urban geography and population, light pollution and resulting sky glow has continued make the stars less accessible. In this first aerial light pollution observation in Canada, this study will give quantifiable resolution to which areas of the SW quadrant of Calgary and area surrounding the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory create Sky Glow. Measuring Sky glow from above and below the plane using a sky quality meter, giving results in magnitudes per square arcseconds, and further instruments on the bottom giving photon counts from ground sources via digital CCD and a wide lens optics. Resulting in measurements of Sky Glow from above and tying them with sources from below to see if there is a correlation. Further using this data, we will explore the impact of urban development on our night sky. *Indicates presenter





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