Complementation of hOLA1 in ychF E.coli


  • Daniel Rocca University of Lethbridge
  • Binod​ Pageni* University of Lethbridge
  • Fan Mo University of Lethbridge
  • Hans-Joachim Wieden* University of Lethbridge


Human Obg-like ATPase 1 (hOLA1) is a protein that is expressed in human cells, and highly expressed in several cancer cells.. The study of hOLA 1 and its E. coli homologue YchF is important to gain a better understanding of their role within the cell, specifically the role hOLA1 serves in the cancer cells. Creating a simple vector for the expression of hOLA1 in ychF E.coli, will allow us to compare the functions of YchF and hOLA1 by competing the hOLA1 expressing cells with wild type E.coli. This was accomplished by the creation of a pBAC-hOLA1 plasmid that was transformed into ychF E.coli. These cells were found to be unable to compete with wild type cells. Further testing is required to demonstrate conclusively whether or not hOLA1 can replace the function of YchF in E.coli. This testing includes expressing hOLA1 genomically in E.coli under the natural promoter of ychF.

* Indicates faculty mentor





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