Fighting for Women, Life, Freedom Across Borders

A Content Analysis of Internet Activism Displayed in TikTok Videos and Public Protests Concerning the Iranian Protests


  • Mayson Dowdeswell MacEwan University



This study examined internet activism displayed in TikTok videos and the sharing forms of public protest using TikTok videos regarding the 2022 Iranian protests. A content analysis of the 50 most liked videos using the advanced search “Iran protest 2022” identified eight general themes, including educational awareness, public marches/gatherings, cutting hair, miscellaneous, sports demonstrations, hacking Iranian media/ technologies, purposeful modesty law violations, and burning hijabs. The most prevalent theme of the eight was educational awareness, accounting for 50% of the total videos used in the sample. All videos included in the sample supported the protests and the symbolism provided, and no videos were found to be pro-Islamic regime.