Earth Common Journal

Earth Common Journal (ECJ) is an international undergraduate peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum where students communicate a diversity of ideas and information on issues concerning conservation, sustainability, and climate change. Earth Common Journal is published by MacEwan University, Bachelor of Communication Studies program. It is published annually in September, with its inaugural issue released in 2011. Earth Common Journal accepts articles from all disciplines, and includes research projects that are empirical, qualitative, creative, and interdisciplinary in content and approach. It also accepts articles from students internationally, to provide global perspectives and discussions on conservation, sustainability, and climate change.

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Call for Submissions:

Earth Common Journal: Everyday Activism Volume 4(1), 2014 is currently accepting submissions until February 28, 2014 for Abstracts (800 words).The theme of this issue focuses on the everyday acts that individuals, groups, and organizations do to bring awareness to, to examine circumstances within, and to offer solutions to issues concerning sustainability, conservation, and climate change.

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ISSN: 1928-8706