About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The APGR is a peer-reviewed online journal focused on the challenges and creative opportunities facing multinational companies emerging from the Asia Pacific region. Published by the MacEwan School of Business’s Institute for Asia Pacific Studies (IAPS), major topics include entry modes, international mergers and acquisitions, accounting and taxation practices, marketing approaches, head office location, human resources management, corporate social responsibility, as well as other relevant political and cultural issues.

The Journal publishes one issue annually in November, with the second issue available at the end of November 2012. Each issue contains three to five articles, including empirical studies (both qualitative and quantitative), literature reviews, case studies, book reviews, commentaries, and policy papers. IAPS is proud to offer open access to the Asia Pacific and Globalization Review.

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts that fall within the stated scope and adhere to the APGR’s standards of originality, clarity, format, and tone are assigned to two members of the Editorial Board for double-blind peer review. The APGR will always try to fit a manuscript with the research interests of the chosen Editorial Board members. However, Editorial Board members are limited to a maximum of two reviews a year. We do not accept author’s suggestions for potential reviewers.

Reviewers are allotted four weeks to perform their peer review. Afterwards, four outcomes are possible: unconditional acceptance, conditional acceptance, rejection with a recommendation for resubmission, rejection. Based on the two reviewer’s recommendations, the Editor-in-Chief then decides if a manuscript will be published. The Author(s) will receive a copy of each reviewer’s evaluation form and will be notified on the Editor-in-Chief’s decision. If a manuscript requires major revisions (that can still be completed within four weeks), the revised version will be reevaluated by at least one of the original two reviewers. Reviewers performing a reevaluation will be given another four weeks. If, after a reevaluation, a manuscript requires further revisions, the author(s) will be asked to resubmit for a future issue.

Open Access Policy

The APGR provides open access to its content on the principle that making information freely available to the scholarly community and the public supports a greater global exchange of ideas.