Asia Pacific and Globalization Review

The Asia Pacific and Globalization Review (APGR) ceased publishing in 2013. These archives are maintained by MacEwan University Library. Contact with any questions or concerns. 

The Asia Pacific and Globalization Review (APGR) is a peer-reviewed online journal focused on the challenges and creative opportunities facing multinational companies emerging from the Asia Pacific region. Published by the MacEwan School of Business’s Institute for Asia Pacific Studies (IAPS), major topics include entry modes, international mergers and acquisitions, accounting and taxation practices, marketing approaches, head office location, human resources management, corporate social responsibility, as well as other relevant political and cultural issues.

The Journal publishes individual articles as they are submitted and an annual issue composed of that years submissions. Each issue typically contains three to five articles, including empirical studies (both qualitative and quantitative), literature reviews, case studies, book reviews, commentaries, and policy papers. IAPS is proud to offer open access to the Asia Pacific and Globalization Review.