Call for Submissions

Earth Common Journal, Vol. 8(1) is seeking submissions of papers for publication in September 2021. The theme of this issue is: "Adapt, Co-exist, Survive" and focuses on the many ways in which life on Earth perseveres as these topics relate to issues concerning sustainability, conservation, and climate change.

The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2021.

Earth Common Journal, Volume 8, Issue 1 will be published in September 2021.


Earth Common Journal is an international, peer-reviewed, undergraduate research journal that is student-driven and student managed by MacEwan University students. Issues are published and accessible at the following locations:

  1. Earth Common Journal (previous issues):
  2. JournalQuest: an international academic database


Earth Common Journal includes four sections that examine the topics of sustainability, conservation, and climate change. They are as follows:


In-depth articles focusing on issues that are local, national, or international (3,000 to 10,000 words)


Articles that focus on a diversity of topics in the areas of conservation, sustainability, and climate change (1,250 to 3,000 words)


Reviews of books, articles, audio, video, and/or film that focus on conservation, sustainability and climate change (1,250 to 1,500 words)


In-depth articles focusing on issues about conservation, sustainability, and climate change that are generated from students and faculty from countries other than Canada (up to 6,000 words)

The mission and objectives of Earth Common Journal, as well as author submission guidelines are included below.


Earth Common Journal Mission Statement

To provide a forum where students (up to 80%) and some faculty (up to 20%) research and communicate their ideas and information on issues concerning conservation, sustainability, and climate change


Earth Common Journal Objectives

  • Establish a peer-reviewed publication that enables students and some faculty to research, discuss, explore, reflect upon, and develop understandings about conservation, sustainability, and climate change.
  • Create a forum for students to communicate and voice their understandings, knowledge, and ideas on the topics of conservation, sustainability, and climate change.
  • Engage students, where possible, to facilitate a student-driven and managed publication.


Author Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles should be submitted on deadline in typed form (in Microsoft Word) with an approximate word count indicated. Only submissions registered through Earth Common Journal’s Open Journal System online are accepted. To register as an author, click on the link below and follow the steps for registration. Author Registration link:

Once you have completed your registration, you must log out of Earth Common Journal and then log in again to upload your submission. Click on the “Make a Submission” link located at the right on your screen to submit your Full Article by February 15, 2021.

  1. Abstracts and articles (including those with video/audio) for this publication should be written so that content is understood by those not immersed in the conservation, sustainability, and climate change areas and issues. Unfamiliar terms, scientific language and jargon should be explained for the benefit of the reader. The publication is focused on broadening the base of these three critical and important topics and will accept the following submissions:
    • Articles that involve primary research and findings on one or a combination of these three topics.
    • Articles that provide research regarding a different or unique viewpoint on one or a combination of these three topics.
    • Articles that involve research from a personal experience regarding one or a combination of these three topics.
    • Articles that depict a biography or autobiography of an individual, group, institution or company that is working within these three topic areas.
    • Articles that are comparison and contrast in structure, providing viewpoints from both sides of an issue.
    • Articles that explore the connections between conservation, sustainability and climate change, and other social change/humanitarian issues.
    • Articles that generate discussion, discourse, and dialogue regarding these three topics.
  1. Multi-media submissions are accepted (e.g. video, audio, etc.) and must be accompanied by a written article.
  2. Fiction work is not accepted.
  3. There is no payment for submissions. However, acceptance of an article and recognition as an author within this publication offer experiences and opportunities to showcase an author’s work.
  4. All authors will sign a “Permission to Publish” form before publishing.


Submission Guidelines for Full Article (deadline of February 15, 2021):

  • Use APA style for in-text citations and reference lists.
  • Use Garamond 12 point for font type and size.
  • Use double spacing with 1” margins.
  • Include a brief biography of the author.
  • Include an Abstract (up to 250 words)
  • Include audio, video, or images, if applicable.
  • Submit as a Microsoft Word file.


Award and Honorarium for First Place Article

Earth Common Journal will present:

  • First Place Article: One student with an Award Certificate and a $500 Honorarium

The submitted article must meet the following criteria:

  • MacEwan University students (only) are eligible.
  • Submission must originate from the student.
  • Submission must be between 1250-3000 words.
  • Submission must reflect the theme: Volume 8, Issue 1.