In the Company of Trees

  • Courtney Rupertus Grant MacEwan University
Keywords: Tree Installation, Conservation


“In the Company of Trees” article describes a collaborative project that was undertaken by two first-year Fine Arts program students who have a passion for art and for nature. More specifically, they have an intuitive connection with trees; hence, the name “Tree Installation.” The article focuses on the research techniques artists use when creating a piece, and demonstrates how the application of such techniques combines and employs both artistic and academic knowledge to inform a creative project. The article discusses the research techniques used when the artists decided on what type of installation to create, what shape it would take, what its dimensions would be, and what materials would be selected and used. A discussion regarding creativity and spontaneity that is essential to art is also included. Also discussed throughout the article is the concept that some research that artists do while creating a piece of art, whether it be an installation, painting or sculpture, is done instinctively rather than overtly as the art work is evolving. Considerable effective research is done through experimentation and the “Tree Installation” embodies this method. The “Tree Installation” is not only beautiful art, but is a project that involved influential and meaningful research about the nature of trees.

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