The Humanization of the Monster in Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach


  • Christina Naidu MacEwan University


This paper points out the negative impact of western social constructions that reinforces themes of sexual and gendered violence within indigenous communities through the role of the absent referent in Eden Robinson's novel Monkey Beach, which continues to overlook the actions and behaviors of a non indigenous society.

In addition to that, this paper will be focusing on the experiences of Lisamarie, who is the protagonist of the novel and I will draw attention to the physical abuse, institutional racism, and sexual exploitation that Lisa experiences from a non-indigenous society that fails to acknowledge the intergenerational trauma and structural oppression that she faces as an indigenous woman. Also, I will discuss the term monster and how Lisa’s courage and pride help her resist the stigmatizing labels of the term monster.


Author Biography

Christina Naidu, MacEwan University

Discipline: English

Faculty mentor: Jack Robinson