An Exploration of “Ancestors & Elders”


  • Ashley Hlewka MacEwan University


The digital story is an exploration of Ancestors & Elders (the upcoming Shumka performance) which according to Shumka is: “a project borne from a desire to connect the Ukrainian settler experience to that of the indigenous people of Treaty 6 territory...our goal is to share a story of the first Ukrainian newcomers to Canada, exploring the shared values -- as well as respected differences--- between Ukrainian and First Nations people.” We recognize that these stories have often been silenced by the master narrative; through this exploration of a contemporary performance piece, we hope to bring attention to the alternative narratives that connect these two groups' experiences. 


Author Biography

Ashley Hlewka, MacEwan University

Discipline: Social Work

Faculty mentor: Valerie Ouedraogo

Digital Story Added Author: Emily Barber

Digital Story Faculty mentor: Katherine Sinclair


Additional Files