Stolen Sisters

  • Katelyne Kuzio MacEwan University
  • Jade Fleury MacEwan University
  • Jessa Garcia MacEwan University


“Stolen Sisters” is a powerful digital story which outlines the colonial impacts on Indigenous people which has contributed to the contemporary issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). “Stolen Sisters” provides information about current colonial perspectives of Indigenous women and how they need to be addressed, reflected upon, and challenged. Through Indigenous Knowledge surrounding the traditional roles of women, the meaning of the word ‘woman’ in the Cree language, and telling the stories of Indigenous women, “Stolen Sisters” aim is to provide education to the collegial public. A research poster will also be presented. This research poster, as a part of the Bachelor of Social Work Program, will yield the results of a qualitative study which utilized a critical science approach to gain data regarding 3rd year undergraduate social work student’s knowledge surrounding MMIWG campaigns. The data gathered will be used to critique structural barriers that exist in providing adequate knowledge surrounding Indigenous issues such as MMIWG campaigns. The research poster will compliment our digital story as we will be able to provide data that acknowledges our hypothesis that structural barriers do exist in our institutions which prevent adequate knowledge of MMIWG campaigns. We will combat this barrier by providing an educational digital story and calling individuals to action.

Faculty Mentor: Leslie Dawson

Department: Anthropology