At the Dawn of Covid-19


  • Prosper Gashusho


My name is Prosper Gashusho, a student at Grant MacEwan University in the Social Work Program 1st year. The picture I am sending for the competition was taken on February 27, 2020, at Oliver Square in Insight Medical Imaging-Oliver Square. I was wearing a MacEwan Hoody. On that day, I left the class English as a Second Language-ESL Program at 2 pm to help my family with the appointment at Insight Medical Imaging-Oliver Square. After the appointment, my daughter Danielle and I sat on the bench while eating her apple. We took that opportunity to take that picture wearing the face masks. The World Health Organization-WHO did not yet declare Covid-19 a pandemic for each government to mobilize to wear face masks or shields masks. I read the information about Covid-19 and how to prevent its propagation on the internet.

The submission title indicated that it was "at the dawn of Covid-19." Indeed, the pandemic was not known on a large scale by Edmontonian. At that time, the Canadian or Albertan governments did not take any action to fight against the global threat. As an illustration, it was even peculiar to pause with a face mask, I saw security coming to see what happened while we were taking the picture, but they said nothing. When we left, people were inquisitive to see someone wearing a face mask on the bus alone. I was not aware that later, it would be a rule for everyone to wear a face mask to stop the proliferation of Covid-19.

I am very thankful to have taken the first buckler and shield to fight against the widespread Covid-19. Thank you to my daughter Danielle Umuringa Gashusho who joined the movement without knowing its meaning. Adults' actions and reactions count more on children. Thank you.