Empty Void


  • Yasmin Dehghannegad


A place once filled with the sounds of chatters, singing, instruments playing is now empty. Allard hall was the home of art, design, music, and many more students in MacEwan's various art programs. Every corner you turned, you would see a class in session, students sitting with their friends at the many tables available in Allard socializing, students playing their instruments, and much more. There was never a dull moment in Allard Hall. Now every time you enter Allard, there appears to be a void. Going to Allard is not the same anymore, as it makes you feel like something is missing. You feel lonely because no one is around; there is an eery silence of what once used to be noises coming from the many students.

This photograph represents the void and loneliness of going to school and how Allard Hall's environment changed since COVID began. The eye is meant to be attracted to the model's small figure standing alone in the center of the frame, and the eye is to follow the contrast of the small figure and how big the emptiness is in his surrounding. The model is also on the main floor while I'm on the 5th floor capturing him from a birdseye view to show the perspective of how empty his surrounding is. I converted the image to black and white to evoke that emotion of darkness and emptiness. No one in sight within his surroundings is how Allard has been during covid, which is a heavy contrast to how Allard, and MacEwan campus, was pre-COVID. Going to Allard Hall is not the same anymore. All you can hear are the echoes of what once was.