River City Tile Company: External Communication Plan


  • Kaylee Robyn Haynes Macewan University




River City Tile Company has experienced a successful first three years in business and shows potential for even more growth. An area of focus that has been identified by the owners and staff to expedite this growth is a marketing campaign. The overarching objective of the marketing campaign is to increase monthly sales.

Through a careful analysis of the current state of the company’s external communications, and a review of current research, and audience demographics, a marketing strategy has been developed to be carried out immediately. This plan outlines the audience segments we have discovered, their needs and concerns, and appropriate messaging. Two specific tactics are outlined for initial implementation of River City Tile Company’s external communication strategy, with recommendations for future focuses.


Author Biography

Kaylee Robyn Haynes, Macewan University

Kaylee Haynes is a third year student in the Bachelor of Communications program at Macewan University. Her major is in professional communications, and her focus is on strategic communications for business.




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Haynes, K. R. (2015). River City Tile Company: External Communication Plan. MacEwan University Student EJournal, 2(1). https://doi.org/10.31542/j.muse.204



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