Become a Peer Reviewer

Become a Reviewer

Submissions to MUSe are anonymously (also known as “blind”) peer-reviewed by another MacEwan University student under the guidance of the appropriate Section Editor. Together they recommend whether or not a work is suitable for publication, or requires revisions before it may be published. 

Students in upper-level years of programs at MacEwan University who are interested in being a peer-reviewer for MUSe are invited to contact the Editorial Board Member for the faculty or school that their program is a part of. 

These volunteer positions are unpaid, but can be listed in CVs, resumes, and graduate school applications as valuable academic contributions to one’s areas of expertise and study. 

Opportunities to review works vary throughout the year as submissions are received. Each review should take no more than 3-5 hours. Peer reviewers may accept or decline the opportunity to review a given work. 

To learn more about the MUSe peer review process, visit the About the Journal page.

Already a peer reviewer for MUSe or want to learn about what’s involved in conducting a peer review? Visit the Peer Review Guidelines