• Casey Shea Pollon MacEwan University
  • Christine Carey
  • Travis Mason Champagne
  • Kaitlyn Michelle Dirk
  • Jonathan Andrew Dyck
  • David Thomas Hamel-Carnduff
  • Robyn Laurel Huizinga
  • Shelby Rae Johnson
  • Roisin Maire Danaan McElhatton
  • Shanelle Lee Pender
  • Gerhard Peter Penner
  • Chunyu Qi
  • Jordan Anton Rude
  • Jessica Kristine Schmidt
  • Paulina Dawn Smit
  • Andrew Thomas Wedman
  • Morgan Donald Wellborn
  • Renee Marie Wood
  • Amy Nicole Yoder
  • Marina Eastwood




Flatland is a project of VCDE233 TYPOGRAPHY II and VCDI223 DESIGN AND PRE-PRESS PRODUCTION, both courses in the Design Studies diploma program at MacEwan University.

Students were asked to translate an assigned section of the Victorian novella, Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott (1884), into a two-page layout that treats the text in a way that is visually appealing, readable, and appropriate to the content. They were encouraged to challenge conventions by exploring alternative grids, objective and expressive type, and text and image relationships.

VCDE233 Typography II (Constanza Pacher) and VCDI223 Design and Pre-Press Production (Jess Dupuis)

Author Biography

Casey Shea Pollon, MacEwan University

Design Studies, 2nd Year Illustration Major




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Pollon, C. S., Carey, C., Champagne, T. M., Dirk, K. M., Dyck, J. A., Hamel-Carnduff, D. T., Huizinga, R. L., Johnson, S. R., McElhatton, R. M. D., Pender, S. L., Penner, G. P., Qi, C., Rude, J. A., Schmidt, J. K., Smit, P. D., Wedman, A. T., Wellborn, M. D., Wood, R. M., Yoder, A. N., & Eastwood, M. (2015). Flatland. MacEwan University Student EJournal, 2(1). https://doi.org/10.31542/j.muse.207



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