Ideas that Matter - Simmering Ideas


  • Mariam Hajar MacEwan University


Ideas that Matter, Early childhood education, co-inquiry model, cycle of inquiry


This presentation focuses on the importance of acting on curiosity and asking questions as an educator. Children constantly ask questions. They seek to learn about the world around them. So, what if educators did, too? What if educators asked questions, too? By asking questions, educators can learn about the world alongside children and engage with children as co-learners and co-researchers. By asking questions, educators can expand on their curiosity and wonderings. When we ask questions alongside children, “we nurture relationships, [and] we automatically nurture curiosity” (Stacey, 2019, p. 53). Practicing within a culture of curiosity and asking questions expands our thinking, wondering and simmering ideas.

This presentation can offer viewers/listeners insight into the importance of exploring curiosity alongside children. By doing this, educators may engage alongside children and explore curiosity as co-learning, co-researchers and co-imagers of possibilities.