Loose Parts and the Worlds we Create.


  • Ghadear Matroud MacEwan University


This presentation explores the idea of loose parts materials and their significant impact on the child’s early learning and development. It’ll explore what loose parts materials are in an early childhood curriculum field and how they are incorporated into our settings. It will also cover the historical connections and theoretical connections about loose parts.

Next, the presentation explains the many learning development stages children can go through as they explore the materials around them. By being able to touch, sense, feel and hear, they begin to make meaning and create their own worlds.

Moving Forward, this presentation will allow you to reflect on the daily loose parts materials you have come across and your ability to incorporate them into children’s daily lives. It’ll also allow you to explore your own ideas, wonderings, imagination, and creativity.

Lastly, try presenting the idea of loose parts materials to children, then take notice of yourself as you begin to be a co-explorer, co-researcher, and co-imaginer alongside the children