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Open Access Journals

  • MacEwan University Student eJournal

    The MacEwan University Student eJournal (MUSe) publishes select works of MacEwan University students that have passed a rigorous peer-review process. Published works are exceptional examples of student engagement with MacEwan’s program goals and learning outcomes.

  • Crossing Borders: Student Reflections on Global Social Issues

    This journal features works by undergraduate students using sociological theories, concepts, and research methods that examine laws, policies, culture and social practices within Canada and beyond.

  • Earth Common Journal

    Earth Common Journal (ECJ) is an international undergraduate peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum where students communicate a diversity of ideas and information on issues concerning conservation, sustainability, and global warming. ECJ is published by MacEwan University's Bachelor of Communication Studies program.

  • Social, Health, and Communication Studies Journal

    Social, Health, and Communication Studies Journal (SHCSJ) is an international peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum where academics communicate a diversity of ideas and information on issues concerning social, health, and communication studies. Social, Health, and Communication Studies Journal (SHCSJ) is published collaboratively by the Department of Communication Studies program, and the Ukrainian Resource Development Centre at MacEwan University, as well as the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. It is published annually, and accepts articles from academics and phd students, and includes research projects that are empirical, qualitative, and interdisciplinary in content and approach. All articles are accepted in English, only.

Conference Proceedings

Archived Content

  • Asia Pacific Globalization Review

    The Asia Pacific and Globalization Review (APGR) was a peer-reviewed online journal focused on the challenges and creative opportunities facing multinational companies emerging from the Asia Pacific region.

  • Lucidity Letter

    The issues of Lucidity Letter archived on this site were originally published as a newsletter (1981-1985) and then as a journal (1985-1991) by the Lucidity Association, a nonprofit organization devoted to education about, and research into, the lucid dream and related phenomena.

  • URSCA Proceedings

    The Undergraduate Research in Science Conference of Alberta Proceedings (URSCA) provide access to abstracts and examples of scientific research conducted by undergraduate students from across Alberta from 2015-2018.